• Steve Smith
    Steve Smith is a fictional character in "American Dad" created by Seth Macfarlane, he is the Tritagonist in the show and the Judy and Elroy series, he is Hayley's 14 year old brother and Judy's boyfriend, like Elroy he is fond of experiments but one thing he does that Elroy doesn't is looking at porn (when no ones looking), he is the youngest child in the smith family but he follows his father's footsteps and spends most of his time with Roger (his pet Alien) Toshi, Snot, and Barry, but never got a chance to get a girl (before he met Judy) which makes him sad and lonely.

Relationships with other characters Edit

  1. Judy Jetson- girlfriend, his big crush and the future wife of Steve, he will kiss her when she says "Yes you may kiss me".
  2. Elroy Jetson- friend, they don't have the best relationship with each other.
  3. Hayley Smith- Sister,Although they don't have the best sibling relationship ever but they get along quite well.
  4. King Ghidorah- Dragon and Enemy, scares the pants out of him when he sees him every time.
  5. Other Heroes and Villains he will meet.

Trivia Edit

Steve had a crush on Hayley (her own sister) in 2 American Dad episodes S1E14 "Stannie got your gun" (he kisses her to think that she is not his sister) and S3E2 "Meter Made"(the nude picture of Hayley).

Steve was thought to be a villian member in the Judy and Elroy series, but that idea was dropped, it was decided that he would be Judy's ally for the first time of his life.

Hayley and Steve started to work togehter since American Dad S1E20 "Roger 'n Me" where they tried to break up the couple so that Steve can get the girl and Hayley can get the boy.

Steve serves as Foghorn Leghorn's replacement because of his big loud mouth.

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