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    Judy Jetson is a fictional character in Hanna-Barbera's 1960's/1980's cartoon show "The Jetsons" created by Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera. She is the main protagonist (not the cartoon series technically) and spends most of her life dreaming about boys, shopping, gossiping with her friends and family, she is the teenage daughter of George and Jane Jetson, and the older sister of Elroy Jetson, Unlike Vicky from the nickolodeon show "The fairly odd parents", Judy is the most popular teenage girl in cartoon history (even though George is more popular in The Jetsons universe by the way) & she has the sweetest voice in the TV series, she was voiced by the legandary actress Janet Waldo, who is best on the radio show "Coreless Archer". She is also the girlfriend of her best friend's geek brother Steve Smith, she too is the best friend of Hayley Smith, Steve's sister, Like the Spongebob & Friends series, She has many friends/sidekicks (even Steve) to go with adventures.

Relationships with other Characters Edit

  1. George- Father, He will not allow Judy on any date, (except Steve).
  2. Jane- Mother, The women that Judy talks to more than Hayley.
  3. Elroy- Brother and side kick, they get along quite well.
  4. Astro- dog, they don't have a common relationship.
  5. Rosie Robot- maid, they get small gossip together.
  6. Hayley- Best friend, they gossip mostly.
  7. Steve- Boyfriend, They don't even kiss without her word "yes, you may kiss me".
  8. King Ghidorah- Dragon and Godzilla's Arch-enemy, he tries his evil plans on capturing Judy (& Elroy too!)
  9. Other Heroes & Vilians that Judy will meet soon.

Trivia Edit

Judy's sign is a libra since season 2 episode 4 "Judy's Birthday Surprise".

Judy's original date was Jet Sreamer (the singer) since season 1 episode 2 "A date with Jet Screamer".

Judy gets random boyfriends in several episodes.

This is the first time that Janet Waldo voiced this character, in fact "The Jetsons" was the first cartoon show she did.

Her song was "Eep, Oop, Ork, Ah Ah, (means meet me tonight) was played in episode 2 " A date with Jet Screamer", however the song and his name were mentioned in season 2 episode 6 "Family Fallout".

Judy is the anti-hero in "The Jetsons", but in "Rocking with Judy Jetson", she is the protagonist in this TV special in "Hanna Barbera superstars 10".

Judy appears in many episodes, but she does not appear in: "Astro's top seceret", "Miss Solar system", "Team spririt (mentioned), "Far out Father", and "Clean as a hounds tooth".

Judy makes many cameo appearnces in several Cartoonnetwork commercials, and in "Harvey birdman, athrority in law" episodes "Shaggy busted", and "Death of Harvey", she is also seen in the "Family guy" episode "Meet the Quagmires" as a non speaking character, She also makes a non speaking apperance in "Harvey Birdman, athority in law" episode "Back to the present" (later cut being dragged off by dogs).

In the Jetsons opening, Judy attends Orbit high school where she hangs out & gossip with her friends.

Judy was voiced by Janet Waldo in the TV series (and in several cartoonnetwork commercials), but in "Jetsons: the movie" she was replaced with Tiffany, but some of Janet's recording can be breifly heard, she is unvoiced in "Harvey birdman, athority in law", no voice actress other than Janet will voice Judy no longer, it is possible that either Grey Delisle or Rachel Macfarline will do her voice in the future.

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