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Judy And Elroy save all the worlds from villains. From the evil 3 headed King Ghidorah, to a gigantic Grizzly Bear, to Simba's evil uncle Scar, They will always be there, read some of the best articles & you will be comfirmly entertained by reading these articles instead of watching them on Youtube.

Also, please keep that in mind that nobody is allowed to add, edit or change my pages that are not true, if this happens, you will be terminated for editing my pages and no they will not be on any youtube videos because I'm trying to avoid copyright issues, if you are asking where are the characters from and who owns them, they are on top of the characters history.

And another note to put that there will be no more arguments about both bears from Balto and the Fox and the Hound being the same thing or that they are both Mor'du, I will add Mor'du eventually so no more negative comments or what-so ever.

Please note that this wikia is actually fan-fiction and will always be respected at all times.

Enjoy your visit the Judy and Elroy Wiki!!!

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