• Hayley Smith
    Hayley Smith is a fictional character in the adult cartoon series "American Dad" created by Seth Macfarlane, she serves as the anti-hero in "American Dad" but she is the Deuteragonist in "Judy and Elroy's adventures of" series, unlike Judy, she gets an on-and-off relationship with Jeff Fischer in 5 seasons, she is the best friend of Judy and the babysitter to Elroy, & she is the oldest child in the smith family, she has a younger geek (and perverted) brother Steve Smith who falls for Judy Jetson unlikely, Just like Spngebob & Patrick, Judy and Hayley spend most of their life gossiping about their lives and secrets. Despite her appearnce, Hayley is an ultra-libral (and hippie) character, she wears a black tank top, flip flps and jeans, she beleives in peace of the world and is capable of going on a rampage (if dumped), she gets into a lot of fights with her father (Stan) because he bosses her around and never says "I love you honey".

Relationships with other characters Edit

  1. Judy Jetson- best friend, they gossip mostly.
  2. Elroy Jetson- the boy that Hayley babysits, treats him like her own son.
  3. Steve Smith- brother, They don't have the best sibling relationship, but they get along quite well.
  4. King Ghidorah- Dragon and enemy, he is the one who scares Steve and Hayley when they were kids, but in one adventure, she was mind controlled.
  5. Other heroes and Villains she will meet.

Trivia Edit

In seasons 1-5, Hayley's boyfriend Jeff Fischer married Hayley as of season 6 to today.

Hayley's nude picture has appeared in S3E2 "Meter Made", ironically, Steve had a crush on the painting.

Hayley is addicted to marajuana in the series, but she doesn't smoke marajuana in the Judy & Elroy series.

She was supposed to be a villain member in the series, but the idea was cut off, it was decided that she will be Judy's ally for the first time in her life.

American Dad - 103 - Stan Knows Best 0001

Hayley's hair dyed green in S1E3: Stan knows best.

Hayley had her hair dyed since season 1 episode 3: "Stan knows best", which made Stan angry that he cut all of her hair.

In "Judy and Elroy's adventures in The Black Cauldron" after they were captured, Hayley was mind controlled by King Ghidorah to send Judy and Elroy to the dungeon.

Hayley and Steve started working together in American Dad S1E20 "Roger 'n Me" where they tried to break up the couple so Hayley can get the boy and Steve can get the girl.

Hayley serves as Foghorn Leghorn's replacement because of his big loud mouth.

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