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    The Grizzly Bear is a large and Dangerous animal also serves as the supporting antagonist in "Balto" and the Judy and Elroy series, it was a giant and angry pet bear from the league of villains during the heroes journey to find the relay anti-toxin team, the bear appeared to be stalking the group consisting Balto, Boris, Muk, Luk, Judy, Elroy, Hayley, Steve, Spongebob, Patrick, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Timon, Pumbaa, Simba, and Woody for several moments after Banzai told them that the woods is full of danger with wild animals like Grizzly Bears, and right before Balto finaly caught the scent of danger, a fierce confrontation erupted between the crazed giant, Judy Jetson and Balto, although small and more agile Judy and the wolf-dog were unable to avoid the behemoth becoming trapped and nearly crushed beneath it's paw, had it not been for the swift arrival of Jenna, Balto and Judy would have been easily been killed, still relentless, the Grizzly villain injured Jenna but never got a chance to get to Judy until it later managed to engage Elroy (and Balto once more), having to learned a strategy, Balto and Elroy lured the heavy villainous creature onto the frozen ice, managing to dispose the giant in the icy depths of the lake at nearly the cost of their own lives, the bear later returned a few times in the Judy and Elroy series to destroy them as their ultimate and strongest pet bear that King Ghidorah ever has.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bear is the minor antagonist in the Balto Franchise (minus Balto 3: Wings of change, in which, it was replaced with an angry Moose).
  • The Bear is strongly inspired by another large Bear in the 1981 Disney film The Fox & The Hound, in which both of the bears are melanistic, except that the bear from Balto has orange & blue lines all over it's body (which is in fact the colors from the Morgan state bears of Morgan State university), but the bear in The Fox & the Hound does not have any lines on it's body, The bears eyes from Balto are Yellow with no pupils, but the bears eyes from The Fox & the Hound are red with black pupils, Both Bears nearly killed the protagonists (Bear (Balto): Balto & Jenna, Bear (Fox & Hound): Copper & Todd) but died later on (Bear: (Fox & Hound) Waterfall, Bear (Balto) Frozen Lake) but the bear in Balto never encountered Steele (except in Judy & Elroy Jetson meet Balto after explaining to Judy & Elroy & friends why he was never considered a villain) but the Bear from The Fox & the Hound attacked Amos Slade (the main antagonist from The Fox & The Hound) after he & Copper disturbed it's resting place in the game reserve!
  • The Bear is also based on the giant Grizzly bear from the 1976 horror film "Grizzly", Both are giant bears & tried to kill the protagonists (Bear: Balto, Grizzly: Ranger Kelly) than later died eventually (Bear: Frozen Lake, Grizzly: Bazooka from helicopter).
  • The Bear is also inspired by Mor'du as a bear from the 2012 Disney/Pixar film Brave, Both are antagonists & are melanistic & nearly killed the protagonists (Bear: Balto & Jenna, Mor'du: Merida & Queen Elinor as a bear) than later died eventually (Bear: Frozen Lake, Mor'du: crushed by a menhir).
  • The Bear's head & teeth strongly resembles both mascots: The Carolina Panthers (from NFL) & The Morgan State bears (from Morgan State university).
  • The Bear is the replacement for Steele (The main antagonist from Balto) for the league of villains, in Balto, The bear is an antagonist who has nothing to do with Steele.

(more to come)

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