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    Elroy Jetson is a fictional character in the 1960's/1980's show "The Jetsons" created by Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera, he serves as the supporting protagonist of the "Judy & Elroy's adventures of" series and the youngest of the Jetson family, he spends most of his life playing with his pets Astro & Orbitty, but he likes to do experiments for his school in little Dipper Elemantry school (seen in the opening), he tries to follow his fathers footsteps & gets encouraged by Judy with his experiments (not literaly).

Relationships with characters Edit

  1. George- father, trie to follow in his footsteps.
  2. Jane- mother, sweethearted to him more than Judy
  3. Judy- sister and boss, They do not get into any arguements much (as seen in "Fantasty Planet", and "the century's best"), but they do get along well
  4. Astro- dog and best friend (in family), they have a strong love relationship with each other.
  5. Rosie Robot- Maid, does not talk to him much.
  6. Hayley- friend and babysitter, gets harrased in several adentures.
  7. Steve- friend and future brother in law, they don't have a common relationship, but they get along too.
  8. King Ghidorah- Dragon and Arch enemy, Plots his revenge on capturing Elroy (and Judy too)
  9. Other heroes & villians Elroy will meet soon.

Trivia Edit

  • Coming soon

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