Elmyra Duff
  • Elmyra Duff is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. She is one of the main antagonists/anti-heroines on the show. However, in the Judy & Elroy series, she makes minor appearances of the series, in most of the early crossovers, she usually stalks & hunts Elroy for love, but in the rest of the series, she is currently Elroy Jetson's girlfriend (after rescuing her from the Hydra).


  • Elmyra is a young, redheaded female human, who wears a white pleated skirt, a light blue blouse with white collar and frills, a light blue bowed ribbon in her hair that has an gerbil's skull in the middle, black strapped Mary Jane shoes and white socks. She attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Acme Acres. She also serves as the school nurse.
  • Elmyra Duff is based superficially on her name derivative and mentor, Elmer Fudd; "Elmyra" being a female form of "Elmer" and her last name, "Duff," as "Fudd" pronounced backwards. According to creator, Tom Ruegger, she also got her first name from his next door neighbor in Northridge, CA; an elderly lady named Elmyra Lamb. Elmyra strongly resembles a younger version of the feminized Elmer Fudd from the 1946 cartoon, The Big Snooze, in which Elmer's peaceful retirement dream became a nightmare where he was transformed into a shapely female by Bugs Bunny. She behaves quite a bit like Little Suzie, a child from a fairly obscure 1955 Freleng short called A Kiddie's Kitty. Here a girl adopts Sylvester Pussycat and unwittingly abuses him with her childish antics, to the point that he decides he would rather take his chances with a bulldog who had been tormenting him earlier in the picture.
  • Elmyra lives in a nice, suburban home with her parents, older sister and two younger brothers. The place is fairly average except for the piles of discarded pet toys littering the yard and the several abandoned doghouses and kitty baskets. Elmyra's pets are constantly escaping in terror. One of the animals in her vast menagerie is Byron Basset, a near-gelatinous basset hound who draws much of his humor from his odd appearance. In contrast to her other pets, Byron seems to feel a grudging love for his owner despite her flaws, particularly proven in the ending to the A Cat's Eye View episode segment, Little Dog Lost. Li'l Sneezer is also shown to be one of the few "pets" capable of enduring Elmyra's well intentioned zeal, but in these cases it is Elmyra who ends up the victim because of Sneezer's allergies. Less enthusiastic pets have included Buster, Furrball, Fifi La Fume and Tyrone the Turtle. Although, Furrball is shown in some episodes to enjoy living with Elmyra (especially in latter episodes where he becomes more of a permanent resident at her home).

Relationship with Elroy JetsonEdit

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  • Elmyra made various appearances in Tiny Toon Adventures' successor show, Animaniacs. Her most notable appearance is in the episode, Lookit The Fuzzyheads, in which she would pursue the Warner Siblings.
  • Elmyra's end tag credit is "Let The Show Begin!" It is also used as an intro tag for the Season 2 finale, Take Elmyra Please.
  • In Tiny Toon Adventures, She is Elmer Fudd's student at Acme Looniversity, in the Judy & Elroy series, She is said to be Elmer Fudd's "Goodie two-shoes" niece, because she is not a member of the league of villains, but she is the primary antagonist in "Judy & Elroy meet The Seventh Brother", in which her primary goal was to try to get the rabbits & the "Bunny Puppy" (although she is the secondary antagonist in Judy & Elroy Jetson count 101 Dalmatians meaning she was to help Cruella Deville, Horace & Jasper find the 99 puppies until she found out about Cruella's cruel plan to kill them & turn the puppies into fur coats).
  • Elmyra is inspired by famous Looney Tunes cartoon star Elmer Fudd, both hunt rabbits (Elmer Fudd=Bugs Bunny, Elmyra Duff=Babs & Buster Bunny) but Elmer hunts rabbits for the sport of it, while Elmyra hunts rabbits for love until they die.
  • Elmyra is one of the main antagonists in Tiny Toon Adventures (along with Montana Max & few others from the villains box), in the Judy & Elroy Series, she is a stray character but is neither a member of the league of heroes or villains until in two Judy & Elroy crossover episodes, she is an antagonist who has nothing to do with King Ghidorah or any other villains, until later, when she falls in love with Elroy, she later became a member of the league of heroes (after he saves her from the Hydra).
  • Despite her being the main antagonist in most of the Tiny Toon adventures episodes, she can be the main protagonist in 2 or more episodes.

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