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    Buzz Buzzard is a cartoon charcter that appeared in the Woody Woodpecker cartoons, He is the arch-enemy of Woody Woodpecker and the main antagonist in the cartoon series, as well as the Judy & Elroy series, he is the supporting antagonist and member of the league of villains, Buzz in most of his appearences was a con artist looking for a way to swindle someone usally Woody Woodpecker out of money, food, or jewelery, in other appearences, he was a cowboy, and canival barker, Buzz is the 2nd adversary for Woody Woodpecker Replacing Wally Walrus more than ever, and has ben declared as the arch-enemy for Woody Woodpecker after Wally Walrus appeared with the Woodpecker since the 1948 cartoon "Wacky Bye Baby". (more to come)

Tivia Edit

  • Buzz Buzzard is the main antagonist in the Woody Woodpecker cartoons, he replaced Wally Walrus after appearing in 1948's "Wacky Bye Baby", however he was later replaced with Dapper Denver Dooley after appearing in "Bunco Busters", but after being absent for 14 years, he returned to the cartoons to deal the Woodpecker in the 1969 cartoon "Tumble Weed Greed", his official final appearance is the 1972 cartoon "The Genie with the Light Touch".
  • Buzz Buzzard is the descendent of the Disney cartoon character Ben Buzzard from the 1943 Donald Duck cartoon "The Flying Jalopy", this is because both are vultures & con-men who have been trying to scam or kill the main protagonists (Ben Buzzard: Donald Duck, Buzz Buzzard: Woody Woodpecker) by making them waste a lot of money (after making prices go extremely too high) but failed suddenly after the shorts.
  • Despite his name, Buzz Buzzard is actually a vulture because of the red bald neck and white collar, however, in the 1950's when Walter Lantz studio re-opened, Buzz's appearance is more vulture-like then his first three appearances.
  • Buzz Buzzard is the inspiration of both Yosemite Sam and Beaky Buzzard from the Looney tunes cartoons, just like the rivalry relationship between Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, Buzz Buzzard is the official arch-enemy of Woody Woodpecker with the total of 25 Woody Woodpecker cartoons, however, both Buzz & Beaky are vultures that try to win against the main character (Buzz Buzzard: Woody Woodpecker, Beaky Buzzard: Bugs Bunny) but sadly failed unfortunately.

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