Arthur and Cecil23
  • Arthur & Cecil are two wacky vultures who appear as recurring villains and comic relief in the TV series Jungle Cubs. They are voiced by David Lander and Michael McKean respectively, however, in the Judy & Elroy series, they appear as henchmen to both Ben & Buzz Buzzard along with Fagin who serve in the league of villains.
  • Arthur is a vulture with a light pink head & a light red beak while Cecil has a dark pink head & a brownish beak, they appear to be the best of friends and do just about everything together. However, they sometimes fight and argue with each other over petty matters.
  • Arthur and Cecil are two antagonistic wacky vultures. They are usually seen flying around in the sky, hoping for one of the hero members to die so they can eat them; however, they also provide some comic relief and are never seen as a real threat, mainly because they're very incompetent but sometimes they may eat the villain no matter what their fate was.


  • Arthur is similar to Buzzy from Disney's The Jungle Book, both are vultures except that Buzzy is the good guy who only appeared in Disney's The Jungle Book & The Jungle Book 2, while Arthur is the bad guy who only appeared in the TV series Jungle Cubs.
  • Both Arthur & Cecil will usually appear with Ben & Buzz Buzzard along with Fagin hatching plans.
  • Arthur along with Cecil were originally going to appear in The Woodpecker King for the role as Banzai & Ed, unfortunately their roles did not work out for them, so they were replaced with Vlad Vladikoff for the role as Banzai & Beaky Buzzard for the role as Ed. However, they did manage to appear in both The great Woodpecker detective as the role for Fidget & Rock a Woodpecker for the role as Hunch.
  • Arthur & Cecil were voiced by the same actors who voiced Horace & Jasper in the 101 Dalmatians TV series.
  • Arthur & Cecil guest stared in four Christmas specials such as: "Judy & Elroy Jetson meet Rudolph the red nosed reindeer", "Judy & Elroy Jetson meet Frosty the snowman", "Judy & Elroy's adventures of Rudolph & Frosty's Christmas in July" & "Judy & Elroy Jetson discovers Annabelle's wish" where at times they will appear as either the primary antagonists in their own independence or as supporting antagonists if working for the principal villain of the Christmas specials.
  • Arthur & Cecil also guest stared in "Judy & Elroy's adventures of The land before time 2: The great valley adventure" while teamed up with Ozzie & Strut to find some eggs to eat.

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